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The printer is displaying a 50.4 error message, how to fix it?

Receiving error codes while working on any device can be really annoying and frustrating, as they can tamper with the day to day process. Once you find any error message displayed, you should fix it immediately without any delay. Any technical device, no matter how advanced it is, can face with faults and snags anytime. Every snag has a particular reason behind it and can be rectified too.  Everyone knows what are printers and for what purpose they are used. They come in different brands, different sizes, features etc. Canon, HP, Brother are few of the well-known brands in the market and can be looked like people’s favorite. Sometimes while printing documents, the printer fuser stops working and the error 50.4 is displayed.


First of all, you need to know that what exactly the job of Fuser roller is. It is responsible for printing by transferring the toner to the print images. When it has overheated, it is not able to print, and it is the reason behind the particular error. If you wish to fix the Hp Printer error code 50.4, then you have come to the right place. Read this blog and get a solution to work upon.


Solution to fix the specific error code:


  • If any print command has been given to the printer, then cancel them all
  • Disconnect the USB cable, unplug the printer from the power cord and switch it off.
  • Let the printer cool down. Wait for a few minutes.
  • Connect the wires back again and switch on the printer.
  • If the error is still displayed when the printer fuser has been damaged. You need to replace it.
  • Remove the fuser and install a new one.
  • For installing it, you will again need to remove the USB cable, disconnect the printer from the main supply by removing the power cord.
  • Once through with the installation process, now connect the printer back to the power switch and turn it on.
  • If you still receive the error, then ensure that the Wall Outlet is getting proper current.


It will surely help you to resolve the issue. Replacing the printer fuser should be considered as the safest option because using the corrupted one can prove to be a problem. If the recommended solution does not work, then you just need to dial the hp printer support phone number and talk to the expert techies over there to get a solution.


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How may I fix installation error in HP printer?

It is a much-known fact that before you can start using any kind of printer, you must first install it because, without installation, it is pretty much a useless tool since it won’t be able to function at all. And sometimes while trying to install the printer, you get error messages saying the installation has failed. Almost every printer owner in the world has come across such situations in their life and it is very common. It is also prevalent in HP printers. Often at times, while trying to install HP printers and its software, you will see error messages regarding its installation. This happens due to faulty errors or mistakes while applying the steps or due to network or internet problems. So if you are looking forward to knowing how to fix installation error in the HP printer, you can give this blog a read.

There are certain steps you must carry out to fix installation error in an HP printer. And these steps have been explained to you under the points below:


Step 1: Try restarting the Computer, Printer, and router


  • Firstly, turn off the router. Do so, by unplugging the cord or pressing the power button.
  • Secondly, turn the printer off and unplug the USB or Ethernet cables.
  • Now, make sure to close or shut down any running programs and shut down the computer.
  • Now reconnect and turn on all the devices you have shut down after waiting for some few minutes.


Step 2: Uninstall the HP software and the driver from the system


  • Start off by disconnecting the USB cable from the printer.
  • Then go to ‘programs and features’ and under this search the name of your printer and uninstall it.
  • When you see a User account control message, click the ‘yes’ button. And simply follow the instruction displayed on the screen to remove the software, and after it is complete, perform a restart of the computer.

Step 3: Perform a Repair of the system files


  • Before you begin, close all running apps and programs on your PC.
  • Run the Command prompt as administrator and type in ‘sfc/scannow’ and press enter.
  • The utility tool will scan and repair any damaged files on your computer.
  • After the repair has been done, try to install the software again.

These methods are to be performed if you want to fix the installation error of your HP printer. However, if you find yourself facing some technical glitches or errors you can contact hp printer tech support to get help from certified employees who have years of experience in troubleshooting HP printer errors and problems.


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How to set up and configure Air Print on HP printer?

Everyone knows the importance of a printer and the role it plays in the daily lives of people. It provides a feeling of ease and it also saves a lot of time. And in the printer world, HP printers are considered to be one of the best. It has gained considerable recognition by millions of people because of its stylish and innovative design which not only looks good but performs brilliantly as well. AirPrint is a mobile application which enables the user to send print jobs to the printer through a wireless network in Apple devices. If you would like to know more you can talk to the representatives at HP printer customer support.


The process of setting up and configuring AirPrint on an HP printer involves quite a lot of detailed steps which should be carried out carefully and precisely. You have to first confirm the requirements, then the remote association, then downloading of the firmware and finally configuring AirPrint to the computer. So pay attention to the stages and steps mentioned below:


Check the compatibility of the printer with AirPrint.


You need to make sure that the printer meets all the compatibility requirement of the application. And also make sure that you have a device that can use AirPrint. Your Mac notebooks or computer should be Mac OS X 10 or higher. And your iPhone, iPad etc. should have iOS 4.2 or higher. You also need to have applications that can be used with AirPrint.


Connect the Apple device to the HP printer’s wireless network.


If you want to use AirPrint you must connect the Apple device plus the printer to the same network.


Download the most recent firmware on your computer.


If you have an outdated firmware then chances are that the configuration will not take place.

  • Go to the official HP support page and click on ‘software and drivers’.
  • Under this select ‘printer’ and click submit after entering your product details.
  • And click on the ‘firmware filename’ to get more detailed information.
  • When the update is complete, restart the printer.

Configure the AirPrint to the iOS device.


  • Go to settings on your Apple device and open the ‘wifi networks’.
  • And under the ‘choose a network’ option, click on the name of the printer.

Configure the application on Mac computer.


  • First, open the wireless menu from the printer and select ‘wireless direct’. And keep the setting on ‘default’.
  • Now go to the Apple menu and click on ‘system preferences’.
  • Choose the ‘print and scan’ option and click the ‘+’ sign located at the bottom.
  • After that, click on ‘nearby printers’ and select your printer.
  • Click on ‘print using’ and then select ‘AirPrint’.
  • Finally, click ‘add’ to add the printer to the queue.

These are the stages and the steps that are associated in setting up and configuring AirPrint to an HP printer. If you have any queries or if you come across any technical difficulty, you can dial HP printer Customer Support Phone number to get remote assistance from skilled professionals.


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